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About us

We provide project development, system design and manufacturing, commissioning, maintenance, engineering and consultancy services in the power generation plants. We carry out turnkey rehabilitation works of electrical systems that have completed their useful life, that frequently cause malfunctions and prevent energy production, and that cannot meet the technical specifications specified within the standards and regulations. We aim to increase availability by providing fast and precise solutions to your problems with our advanced technology products designed by our company.

Thanks to the systems we developed by combining our experience in power electronics and automation with the demands of our customers, we produce turnkey solutions that meet all the necessary specifications. We offer 24/7 remote support and on-site intervention in case of a possible malfunction to all our customers.

Within the scope of YEKDEM law in TURKEY, we provide service with our Generator Power Electronics System (excitation system and synchronization system) products, which are suitable for Local Incentive.

We carry out our R&D studies for special products needed in the field of Electricity and Electronics.

As GENKOR, with the advantages of being a designer and manufacturer, we provide unlimited and fast support to our valuable customers.

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